WordPress for Websites – A Popular Choice

October 21, 2014

Website design has become so much easier with the availability of open source content management systems (CMS), and among the stack currently available, the one that is used quite often is WordPress. Launched in 2003, WordPress was initially a much frequented destination for bloggers. However, a host of new features and functionalities have been added over the years, making it the first choice for a variety of website design needs. You can visualize its potential when you browse through top sites such as time.com, vogue.com, newyorker.com, beyonce.com and several others that utilize WordPress. Let’s get into more details and try to pinpoint the specifics that make WordPress a popular choice for a website.

Feature rich yet easy to use

The standard package comes with integrated features and functionalities such as advanced menu configuration and media handling, which make it easier for you to choose the exact flavor you wish to add to your website. Hundreds of free website themes are available with easy customization options that enable you to tone up the central them of your website, as per your requirements. Premium themes are also on offer, and this is what you may want to use for designing a really grand website that catches the attention of your target audience. For advanced functionalities, you will find that WordPress has in store thousands of plugins that you can download, install and use in a matter of minutes. The best part is that you can use all these features and functionalities even when you may not have any knowledge of computer codes.

Regular updates and great support resources

The WordPress team is constantly working to ensure the best experience for its users. With regular updates, you can be sure that you are utilizing the latest in technology trends, upgraded features and functionalities and improved security. Owing to its immense popularity, WordPress has built a huge support community that you can access to get answers to any of your queries. You can also use the dedicated support resources provided by WordPress to seek solutions for any problems that you may be facing.

Easy SEO and e-commerce

Implementing SEO strategies is a lot easier with WordPress since it comes with a host of features that are SEO-friendly. There are a variety of free SEO plugins as well, which can be used to achieve targeted results. Everything gets done in just a few clicks, so you can hope to achieve your SEO targets with limited efforts. Making money through your website is another area where WordPress can be advantageous. It can quickly add the desired functionalities to your website for a variety of needs such as selling products or services, or earning money through ads and affiliate offers. Widgets are available for placing ads whereas plugins can be used for handling e-commerce transactions.

Use WordPress for your website

WordPress is free. You can download and start using it anytime you wish. However, if you want to implement advanced customization in order to make a lasting impression on your target audience, then you may want to hire an expert with experience in WordPress website design (like us.) Your website is the representation of the core idea powering your website, so make it look good, feature-rich, user-friendly and secure with WordPress.


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