Why UX Matters?

March 1, 2015

User Experience (UX) relates to the interactions that a user has when browsing a website, or using a product, service or an application. What started as an innovative technique by some clever businesses to improve user interactions, has now transformed into a dedicated profession. It is now a diverse subject and covers everything from overall human interaction to utility, usability, information architecture, content strategy, user research, data visualization, design, aesthetics, marketing, accessibility, ergonomics, and performance. Let’s take a look at some key reasons as to why UX matters.

Happy customers

When the UX design is perfect, it automatically translates into happy customers, and further leads to trust, loyalty and referrals. Customers today expect a lot more intuitiveness from the products, services or applications they are using. It’s the gradual movement towards Artificial Intelligence (AI), and even though we may still be far, the primary expectations of customers are certainly moving in that direction. UX design can be described as the efforts made to embed human aspects in digital mediums with the goal to simplify and enhance human interactions. Naturally, when this aspect is properly accounted for in the UX design, it leads to happy customers.

Improved Return on Investments (ROI)

Getting the UX design right is all the more important when you are trying to sell a product or service. Always remember that there are several other sellers offering the same product or service, and they may get ahead just because users like their search function, order processing or payment console. UX is relevant in case of applications as well because here too there is a multiplicity of vendors offering similar services and UX is the sole ingredient that can probably alter user perceptions. With the right UX design, you can directly improve conversion rates and the number of referrals. In case of specific products, services and apps, it can also contribute towards lowering costs related to call center, tech support and training.

Reduced development & maintenance costs

Making changes in the design, adding new features and functionalities, and developing patches for fixing errors can lead to substantial increase in development & maintenance costs. This is why it is important to have the correct UX design at the conceptual stage. An experienced team comprising of visualizers, designers, developers, and project leads, can definitely establish the most appropriate and robust UX design for your specific needs. The probability of cumulative increase in development & maintenance costs will thus be significantly reduced.

Avoiding Disasters

Consider the potential outcomes related to the console of a patient management system that often confuses the operator. Or consider what would happen if the console of a flight management system provides misleading information. Similar issues can occur in case of websites, products, services and apps as well, and the potential outcomes can be just as disastrous. UX design is a good way to eliminate the probability of such disastrous events by means of proactive thinking and logical reasoning.

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