Why is Brand Identity Important?

February 28, 2015

A brand has several attributes. It is a promise for something that the customer needs; it is a message intended for the target audience; and it is the face of an organization. Without an effective brand identity, it would become difficult for customers to relate to a product or service. Let’s delve deeper and see if we can find some good reasons, as to why brand identity is important.

The emotional connect

Brands have an emotional connect with their users, and the intensity varies depending on the value that a customer thinks he is deriving from that brand. The long queues for new releases of products like XBOX, iPhone, etc., explain the major impact that brand identity has on customers. The human species runs on emotions, and even those who tend to believe they are in control of their emotions, are just utilizing a different aspect of their emotion to do so. The point is that an effective brand identity will require the brand to connect with its customers at an emotional level, in addition to the basic need that it may fulfill. When there’s an emotional connect, customers take to the brand as something of their own, which eventually translates into trust and loyalty.

A critical competitive differentiator

Every product or service has a competitor, and brand identity enables customers to choose the one they think is best for their specific need. With fierce competition in every sphere of human endeavor, as evident in a globalized setup, something that can make all the difference is an effective brand identity. Take the example of Android OS – the basic tools and services are mostly the same in a certain class of Android cellphones, but still the sales figures are skewed in favor of certain specific brands only. The credit for that apparently goes to an effective brand strategy that these firms have invested in and nurtured overtime.

The physical aspects

An effective brand identity ensures that the physical aspects of the brand are properly accounted for. Physical aspects include things like the logo, type font, the color palette, any specific design, texture, pattern, etc. It also ensures that such characteristics are consistently maintained across varied platforms such as the corporate website, social media channels, presentations and sales collaterals, advertisements, print media, internal & external communications, and product packaging. Being consistent in brand identity makes it easier for customers to identify the brand from among several others.

A precursor to sales

Having an effective brand identity ensures that customers can relate to that brand, realize the value they might get, and make their choices in favor of that product or service. A product backed by an intensive brand identity initiative, spread across the Internet, television, print media, and social media platforms, is likely to emerge a winner.

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