Why Blog?

July 24, 2014

The Internet is awash with blogs. No matter the business, brand or product, it seems that 99% of websites include blogs.


Businesses will likely say that they want to engage their clients, and give potential users a deeper look into the company, and its offerings.

But that’s not quite true.

Ask any web designer about why we blog, and they’d all give the same answer: SEO. Search Engine Optimization is essential for any company hoping to have presence on the Internet. In layman’s terms, SEO measures how relevant a website is at a given time, thereby creating a perceived valuation of the website, and the decision to visit it (and stay a while).

This SEO directly impacts the bottom line, and is now a quintessential service for everyone. Web design companies either have SEO built in as a service, or have some affiliation with a company that does SEO. At BMG, we integrate our optimization services in with our overall design and maintenance packages.

This is why companies blog. Blogs have the most capacity to hold relevancy for (and therefore increase traffic to) a website. The degree to which this capacity is used for SEO is another story, and takes a certain approach in writing.

Stay tuned for BMG’s tips for effective blog writing!

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Chris A.


Chris is a high energy graduate of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. His passion for brand development and management has led him to the digital marketing space. Combining innovative thinking with business acumen, he has experience on the front lines as an account manager, social media lead, writing copy for marketing material and brand promotion. In his personal time, he is an avid barefoot runner, globetrotter, and self-proclaimed yogi.