Unleash the Power of Parallax Web Designs

November 22, 2014

Parallax web designs have become increasingly popular these days due to their ability to support key features such as high-end graphics, animations and interactivity. If you are looking for a website design that has the power to keep your visitors glued to your website and also motivate them to recommend it to friends and colleagues, then parallax is the right solution. Here are some good reasons for choosing parallax web design:

A better way to present your products and services

Parallax web design, also known as parallax scrolling, allows you to present your products and services in a much better way in comparison to conventional tools such as video or flash animation. Parallax scrolling motivates users to explore the products or services on their own accord, which helps engage your visitors in a positive manner. You can showcase your products in 3D and these will animate as per the user’s scrolling behavior. The ability to engage is at the core of parallax web design, something that makes users believe that they are a part of the entire experience and not just passive spectators.

The art of storytelling

Consider taking your users on a journey to find out how you started your business, the years that passed, and where you stand now. Or think of a story that will clearly encapsulate the need for your product or service, demonstrated through intelligently designed frames, aptly capturing the central idea and accentuating it with the right design elements, colors, themes and text. With parallax scrolling, you can tell any story you want to and be assured that it will have a lasting impact on users. You may say that a video or flash animation can do the same, but what you may not realize is that parallax lets users engage at their own pace, and not at a fixed number of frames per second as is the case with videos and flash animation. Since users are likely to respond differently to the various sections of the story, parallax scrolling will be more effective in telling the story.

Add tons of interactivity

As compared to passive scrolling, parallax allows you to add a host of interactive touch points that prompts users to have their say in the process of finding information they are looking for. Users can be provided with short, simple, and interesting questions, which can be used to guide them to specific information, product or service based on their answers. Interactive touch points can be used for user registration, highlighting special offers, ‘did you know?’ modules, customer feedback, etc. You can also use these interactive features to surprise your visitors with coupons, prizes, and discounts.

A design that is alive

With parallax scrolling, you can add a range of design elements in the background, which will make the screen come alive, as the user navigates through your website. This provides for enhanced user engagement, as the entire experience is aptly spun as a single, continual storyline. This is certainly a lot better than the disconnected pages of a conventional website.

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