Thinking Out of the Box with Typography Techniques

December 15, 2014

The conventional rule is to be within the limits of the grid when using typography elements in the design. However, modern typography stylists have been challenging the limitations of the grid and have come up with several variations, resulting in some really great and mesmerizing design elements. It’s not that the grid is lost forever; it’s just that seasoned designers have learned to expand its boundaries with newer, more powerful typography techniques. Whereas conventional typography was mostly flat, modern typography is more informal in nature, with focus on subtle communications that have a greater impact on the target audience. Here’s a brief overview of some innovative typography techniques that we often deploy for our various projects.

The staircase effect

This typography technique requires words to be broken down and displayed in a staircase format. When this effect is used, the overall design oozes varied flavors such as the idea of breaking the norms, to be distinct from the crowd, rebellious nature, etc.

Tilted text

This is used for representing messages that are short, playful and unapologetic. The text is tilted horizontally at a certain angle, and it signals the users that the message is bold in its nature, probably a new idea or a new way to look at things.

Text wrapping

This technique involves embedding the message in a background that is text heavy. You may have seen this technique used in full page newspaper or magazine ads, where the message is wrapped right inside the text heavy news and article sundries. It’s a good way to make your message stand out from the crowd.

Overlapping components

This involves text elements that overlap each other rather than being in their own separate boxes or design elements. This may seem a bit haphazard, but users, especially those with a creative streak, do like and appreciate when they come across something that challenges the norms.

Utilizing the edges

This is used mostly for brochure or book cover designs. The basic idea is to have a design with continuous text instead of the conventional norm that requires separate text for front and back pages. The continuous text running into the edges gives a much better look, as compared to the standard way of representing text inside a predefined grid.

Text inside shapes

Text placed inside various shapes such as rectangles, squares, circles, triangles, etc. can be used to good effect for varied design needs. The background color of the shapes can be altered to communicate a range of emotions, from subtlety to being completely bold and rebellious.

Using a collage

Text represented in the form of a collage provides for a more informal and personal connect with the target audience.

Handwritten effect

Just like the collage, this technique is also used to send out the message in an informal manner. A variety of handwriting fonts are available, which can be used as per design requirements. If needed, your own handwriting can be digitally converted and used in the text components.

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