The Future of Web Design

October 16, 2014

Opinions vary, but overall the consensus is that the future of web design is already here. Yes, we are talking about responsive web design, powered by the one web concept, which has already transformed the digital landscape. With a significant percentage of top websites opting for it, responsive web design has already made its presence felt as the future of web design. It’s time now for the small and medium sized businesses to realize the potential of responsive web design and adapt it as a vital component of their overall digital marketing strategy.

The need for responsive web design

Consumers today are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the type of device they want to use for online activities such as getting information, financial transactions, social media, gaming, entertainment, etc. With different screen sizes and varied operating systems, it becomes a challenge for website owners to ensure consistent user experience across all devices and systems. Conventional, non-responsive websites fail miserably when it comes to ensuring such consistency. Users face a tough time navigating such sites on smaller devices since these are mostly built for a very specific range that may cover laptops and desktops only. This can be detrimental for website owners, as users are more likely to shift to competitors with responsive websites.

Responsive web design to the rescue

Responsive web design utilizes codes and templates that are designed to auto customize itself depending on the screen size and operating system of the device being used. This significantly improves navigation across varied devices and helps ensure consistency in user experience. Imagine someone checking out the current movie shows on his office desktop and later booking them on his way back home using his mobile device. If the website is responsive, the concept of consistency will ensure that the user is able to choose and book the movie tickets with the same ease, as could have been done using a desktop.

Responsive web design and mobility

Yet another good reason to proclaim ‘responsive’ as the future of web design is its association with the emergence of mobility as the future of computing devices. The future is all about mobile devices and since responsive web design is playing a critical role in making that happen, it’s easier to see the connection and predict its likely future path. New technologies such as HTML 5 and parallex are helping web developers to not only ensure responsiveness but also enrich user experience via innovative functionalities, features, interactivity.

Boost your brand with responsive web design

Most of the popular open source Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Jhoomla, and WordPress, now come with responsive features. With just a little customization, you can prop up your website, way above the current level in terms of user experience. Consistency is the key when it comes to promoting brand awareness, so you can expect a significant boost to your business and brand when you choose responsive web design. To top it all, your investments will continue to bear fruit for a long time to come since ‘responsive’ is apparently the future of web design.


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