Smart SEO Tips for a Strong Online Presence

November 11, 2014

Smart SEO strategies are all about utilizing a holistic approach that includes everything from brand building to social media integration, content marketing and mobile optimization. It’s no longer limited to just getting the meta descriptions and keywords right. SEO is now an evolved subject and if the right strategies are deployed, it can help create a strong online presence. If you have similar goals and objectives, you can use the smart SEO tips and strategies described below:

Links, content and social media:

These can be described as the key components that form the basis of current day SEO strategies. Not only are these individually relevant, their impact is even more when we consider their relationship to each other. As always, content needs to be crisp and relevant with the right keywords for generating traffic. Social media helps via user generated content, which is used by search engines to define the level of user interest. Links originating from top ranked sites signal the search engines that your website is trustworthy and useful. All these together ensure better positioning on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Content Marketing

Words can get the message through to the audience, but for a greater impact and recall value, you will need something more. That’s why we are witnessing an increased use of digital assets such as videos, games, animation, banners, etc. The basic idea is to tell the story in an interesting manner, something that attracts attention and has the virality potential. Content marketing involves processes such as developing content and other digital assets, measuring their performance, and taking corrective action, if required.

Responsive Design

This is no longer an option and most SEOs insist on it for achieving desired results. Leading search engines have started using responsive design in their calculations, so obviously it’s time to invest in a responsive design. The need to provide consistent experience across a range of mobile and computing devices can be met with responsive design, leading to increased user interest. Responsive web design also enables improved interactions via web apps and web services.

Brand Building

Brand building has become an integral part of SEO strategies, as it directly impacts how users would react to a product or service. Search engines have also started factoring the brand building initiatives as one of the variables used for determining a website’s rank on SERPs.

Social Media

Search engines are using the likes and shares on social media to determine content popularity, which makes it necessary to have SEO strategies that cater exclusively to social media. Without a strong social media presence, search engines will not be able to accurately measure your website’s usefulness and popularity. So, the right time to launch your social media initiatives is now.

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Search engines keep changing their algorithms and you may also not be sure about things that can backfire such as poor quality content, messy code and design, unauthorized link-building tactics, etc. So, it’s always better to seek professional advice and help when you are in the process of chalking out a detailed SEO plan. Do give us a call or drop us a line so that someone from our team of experts can get back to you with the best solutions for your specific SEO needs and requirements.


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