Simplifying Your Website’s Coding

June 3, 2014

Our goal when we code for clients is to make it as easy as possible for the average user to utilize platform on which we we developed our product. For example, if we build your site on WordPress, we strive to make your experience as effortless as possible when you go to update it moving forward. Neptix, a client of ours, is an online ticketing service, and offers a case study to illustrate our proficiency in creating approachable self-maintenance for our clients.

CASE STUDY:¬† Recently, we built a custom plugin that was submitted to the WordPress community on behalf of The plugin allows you to easily stream your events right to your website. We also added features inside the plugin to help Neptix style their clients’ events. This allowed the event branding and style to be consistent on both Neptix’s site, and the website of their given clients.

This is illustrated below:



We also created easy widgets, whose code could be inserted anywhere on the site. Taking it a step further, we included widgets that allow you to display your events in different views including a calendar, countdown clock, and list/grid view.



Example Shortcodes

Parameters :
eventid : Single event ID.

eventlist : User ID.

venueid : Venue ID.

countdown (optional) : ID or URLs of events where to display the countdown.

show_only (optional) : ID or URLs of events to show.

exclude (optional) : ID or URLs of events to exclude.

Examples :
[neptix eventid="xxx"] : Return a specific event.

[neptix eventlist="xxx"] : Returns all events for a specific user.

[neptix venueid="xxx"] : Returns all events for a specific venue.


These customizations have allowed for Neptix to be one of the leading online ticketing services. As demonstrated with, developing custom plugins can make your site much more manageable and efficient. Whether this is for the client who updates the website, or for the front end user the possibilities are truly endless. Our team can analyze your idea or site and develop the proper plugin to make you successful.

Chris A.


Chris is a high energy graduate of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. His passion for brand development and management has led him to the digital marketing space. Combining innovative thinking with business acumen, he has experience on the front lines as an account manager, social media lead, writing copy for marketing material and brand promotion. In his personal time, he is an avid barefoot runner, globetrotter, and self-proclaimed yogi.