Importance of Typography

January 20, 2015

Typography is all about the artful, logical and meaningful representation of text. Typography can be classified both as an art and science as well because it involves loads of creativity in combination with a thorough understanding of the content, its core message, and the target audience. It’s a great tool for augmenting the aesthetic appeal, generating user interest, expressing emotions, highlighting the core message, adding a unique personality, and enhancing the central theme. Its utilization extends to most of the available communication mediums such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, videos, webpages, web advertisements, web apps, documents, banners, presentations, etc.

Effective customer targeting

Typography can be effectively utilized for improved customer targeting. Each typeface has specific characteristics that appeal to a particular customer segment. For example, if the theme requires the content to be fun, humorous and interesting, then typefaces that resonate such flavors can be used in the design. Similarly, if the requirement relates to a business need, then we can utilize the conventional ones such as Ariel, Georgia, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc. When an appropriate typeface is used, it takes on the flavor that the target audience is most likely to appreciate.

Adding a dash of personality

Depending on the message and the profile of the target audience, typography can be put to good use to add a layer of personality to the content. Sometimes, the message is strong, but it goes unnoticed just because it was presented as normal text without any personality or character. Typography has the power to transform standard text into something more catchy and impactful. This can be done in a subtle manner or represented more boldly depending on the intended message and the target audience.

Enabling the emotional connect

Emotions connect us better, and this idea is often at the core of most typography projects. Normal text does not immediately produce emotions, but when skillful typography is utilized, it creates an instant emotional connect with the target audience. Typography can be utilized to produce a variety of emotions such as trust, loyalty, compassion, fun, humor, etc. When an emotional connect is established, you can be sure that users will be more receptive towards the message you intend to communicate to them.

Highlighting the core message

In most cases, a piece of communication has varied components. However, there’s always a core message that you may want to highlight for the ease and convenience of your target audience. Typography can do this for you and quite effectively by increasing the users’ receptivity and improving the recall value. For example, if the communication is an invitation to an event, we can use typography to generate user interest and also ensure that they remember the event details more thoroughly, as compared to their reaction to information contained in normal text.

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