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December 14, 2014

The favorite of most professional graphic designers and amateurs as well, Photoshop is undoubtedly the world’s leading digital imaging software. Regular updates have kept pace with the evolution of the digital ecosystem, and a keen eye on customer feedback and needs have ensured that Photoshop remains the first choice for people with a creative streak. Let’s have a look at some of the new features and functionalities available in Photoshop CC.

Typekit Fonts

Graphic designers have to deal with a variety of Photoshop files, and often there is that nagging issue of missing fonts, which really creates a lot of turbulence in the design room. However, designers don’t have to worry about this problem anymore because Photoshop CC has the Typekit Fonts feature that allows the download of missing fonts. This feature is available under the Creative Cloud membership, offering a wide assortment of Typekit fonts for web as well as desktop use. In case you come across a missing font, Photoshop CC will launch a dialogue box to help you install that specific font automatically.

Rollover font menus

The text font changes automatically when you rollover a particular font in the drop-down font menu, so you don’t have to select each font type every time you are trying to find the best fit. Choosing the right font thus becomes a lot easier. You can quickly rollover several font types, may be spend like 2 to 3 seconds on each rollover, and choose the one that best suits your design needs.

Blur tools

New blur features are available in Photoshop CC including Motion Blur and Radial Blur, which allow for improved customization and flexibility. Graphic designers can use these blur features to add the sense of motion and direction to any action image. These blur tools can be used for some really magical transformations, especially in case of action images such as an image of a moving car, a man on a bicycle, someone riding a horse, etc. The shape of the object can also be altered to have the desired effect based on specific design needs.

Edit backgrounds

Images with out of focus backgrounds can now be effectively fixed using the new edit features available in Photoshop CC. You simply have to use the Focus Mask tool to extract the foreground objects and then determine the correct focal range needed with the help of the Focus Area Add tool. You can select and keep blurred areas that are there in the foreground and choose to delete blurred areas present in the background. Once you have entered your selection, use the Refine Edge tool to finalize your task.

Smarter Guides

By default, this feature is turned ‘on’ in Photoshop CC. The guides automatically establish a relationship between design objects and to document bounds. They display the distance between design objects when you move them. You can also customize by manually entering the distance between two objects. Then later, when you drag any one of them, they will automatically create the specified distance. This saves a lot of time and effort for the designers.

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